Keep your house cool

With temperatures higher than normal and continuous heat waves, it is a priority to condition our home properly to keep it cool and comfortable. Here are some tips that can help you.

By Y. Sevillano

Maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors is important to be able to carry out our daily tasks, work and have a properly rest. Beyond air conditioning, there are other solutions that help to have a good atmosphere and reduce degrees inside the house.


Light colors have a great quality, and that is that they repel heat. They also give a sensation of incomparable freshness and luminosity.

Use them on walls, furniture, textiles and accessories.


In addition to having good thermal insulation in the house, keep the blinds, curtains or shutters closed during the hottest hours. This will help keep the interior cool.

Awnings, pergolas, mats, lattices, green walls and vertical gardens are also good alternatives.


Thanks to their natural perspiration that allows them to absorb heat and evaporate water, to reduce the temperature of the space that surrounds them.

Plants are your great allies, both in gardens and indoors and on terraces.


Natural materials have certain qualities that make them breathable, thus reducing heat.

Both for construction, decoration and use of everyday items such as plates or jars: wood, jute, wicker, rattan, stoneware, clay, cotton, linen, raffia, bamboo, stone... there are many options to choose from.


Insulating heat and saving on consumption also involves choosing the right lighting. LED lights don't give off heat, since the energy they consume is converted into light.

Keep the lights off in the spaces that we are not using, and turning on only punctual or ambient lights where we are will also help us.


Ventilating spaces, especially during first and last hour, is key to maintaining a fresh environment. Create air currents through the house by opening doors and windows.

Ceiling fans are also a good option to ventilate interiors and terraces.


Water refreshes and hydrates. Having a fountain, water mirror, pool or sprayer in your garden, patio or terrace can reduce the temperature by up to six degrees.


A classic that we can see in Islamic architecture and not by chance: the rooms are arranged in corridors around a central patio, while being isolated from the harsh outside heat. Creating a favorable microclimate inside the house. In addition, the materials used are usually of natural origin and act as an interceptor.

If you are building a house, consider an interior patio as a measure to reduce the temperature.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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