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How to choose the right sofa

The key piece of any living room. In this small guide we explain how to choose your perfect sofa so you don't make any mistakes. By Y. Sevillano The sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that we use the most at home and one of the most expensive when furnishing, hence the importance of knowing how to choose the right one. MEASURES The first step is to know the available space and distribution of our living room, to choose the size and shape of our sofa. Make sure you measure well and consider the pass zones and the location of other furniture, such as armchairs, coffee tables and side tables. BUDGET Something essential before going out to look for the sofa, is to consider the budget that we have available, and also that the models with the best quality and design are usually the ones with the highest prices. It is also important that we determine the use that will be given to the sofa, it will help us make a better

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