How to remove negative energies from your home or office

 It is important to keep the spaces we inhabit in harmony, so that good energies flow, we feel happy, calm and our affairs go well. We give you some tips that you can use in your home or work space, to keep bad vibes at bay.

By Y. Sevillano


Bad energies are low vibrations that occur because of problems, bad thoughts, conflicts, laziness, among many others; and that can interfere with our health, mood, plans or activities, giving rise to a chain reaction if we do not know how to protect and purify ourselves.

For this reason, we must periodically clean not only our spaces but also our own energy, finding our center of balance, both physical and mental. In this way we will be safe from any bad vibration, finding it a barrier.



Seems obvious, but there are many who let the clutter take over their homes. When chaos reigns, this prevents the good energies from flowing correctly, creating stagnation.

Hence the importance of keeping all spaces clean and well organized. An easy way to do this is to have a place to store everything, and return it there after use. You can also program yourself with your family to distribute cleaning tasks, and not let everything accumulate.



It is not advisable to store things that we no longer use, especially if they are broken or do not work. Not only do they take away space, but it prevents positive energies from flowing.

Take a day to check everything you have saved; you can donate the things that are in good condition or even sell some. What is broken should be directly discarded. Also avoid having wilted plants or flowers. You will feel everything lighter after cleansing.



Like cleaning, it is recommended that everything we have works well and is in good condition. If you have breakdowns, or pending things to finish, get to it as soon as possible. Whether they are appliances, or small renovations.

On the other hand, if you notice that things suddenly start to go wrong one after another in a short space of time, as if it were a bad streak of luck, it is indicative that there are bad energies. So you must do a physical and spiritual cleansing.



Once you have done the physical cleaning and got rid of all those harmful objects, you must open all the windows so that the fresh air flows.

You can also use some essences that attract good vibrations. Among some of those that have been most used for centuries are; sandalwood incense, palo santo, sage, rosemary, laurel and sea salt. Scented candles with flower essences can also bring peace and tranquility.

Carrying out these cleanings periodically will create a protective aura over your home.



Everything around us influences us in a certain way. Places such as hospitals, police centers, cemeteries, abandoned places, vacant lots or even historical places where fateful events such as battles occurred, are emitters of dense and harmful energies.

In cases where it is unavoidable that we live near these places, we must protect ourselves. For this, there are systems such as the ancient Feng Shui, which give us alternatives to face these energies and achieve greater harmony.



Plants not only improve our mood and purify the air, but it is believed that they are great protectors against negative energies, absorbing these in defense of their inhabitants against energy attacks.

In addition to this, there are certain plants that are believed to attract good luck, such as Bamboo, Money Plant, Pachira Aquatica, Lavender, Ferns, Basil, Jasmine or Lotus.

Having them at home will promote harmony and a positive atmosphere.



Crystals and gems are rocks that come from the earth and to which qualities have been attributed for thousands of years. They have been used therapeutically and it is believed that they can capture energies for the benefit of their owner, helping them to heal and attracting positive vibrations.

Geodes, gems and crystals can be found in different sizes and presentations. From jewelry for personal use, to decorative objects and furniture such as tables or book ends.



Since ancient times, humanity has used amulets for protection and good luck, whether they were related to a religious cult or arose from popular belief.

Some of the most universal and popular are the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, which is present in many cultures. Or the Turkish Eye, a glass sphere that represents a blue eye. There are also representations of religious deities that are common to find in homes and businesses, such as Buddha, the Lord Ganesha, the Archangel Saint Michael or the Chinese Deity Pixiu.



Sounds have the ability to attract and generate vibrations, just as it is scientifically proven that meditation has beneficial effects on our mind and body.

Listening to mantras, sounds of nature, high-frequency music, and constant meditation can help us find our center, peace, and attract beneficial energies into our lives.



To attract health, abundance, peace, and happiness into our lives, it is important that we take care of ourselves.

Having healthy habits, playing sports frequently, taking care of ourselves and spending some time doing things we like to do are a good way to generate and attract positive energy. Since to get in touch with it, we must do things that bring us closer to that level of vibration.

We must be okay with ourselves first.



Lastly and perhaps the most important: to attract positive energy into your life you must raise your vibration level. If you have ever heard about Karma, you will know that every action we take will have a positive or negative charge. It is important to be aware of our thoughts, desires, actions and emotions so as not to harm others.

Wishing or doing evil, sooner or later, will only bring negative consequences to your life. So it is important to always maintain good will and a clear conscience.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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