What is sintered stone?

 Sintered stone is a light and resistant material, made from natural minerals and oxides, which replicates the natural process with which natural stones such as marble or granite are formed.

By Y. Sevillano


There are different manufacturers of sintered stone on the market with a wide variety of designs and budgets. The qualities and durability of this material make it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and for furniture.


The manufacturing process of the sintered stones is carried out using tables that are subjected to strong pressing, and then go into a furnace at temperatures above 1200 ºC. They are composed of granite, glass, sand and natural oxides. A fast process, but very similar to what occurs in nature.


Among their many qualities we can find that they are: resistant to use; hygienic: as it is not a porous material, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria; resistant to impact, high and low temperatures, bending, scratches and stains as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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