How to choose the perfect rug

Probably ever happened to you arrive at a place and the first thing you notice is that the rug doesn't match; either because of the size, the texture or the colors. The true is that choosing a rug is not as easy as it seems. In this article we give you our best tips, so you can choose a rug that harmonizes well in your space.

By Y. Sevillano


The mistake of choosing a rug that is too small or too large is very common. For this reason, you must be aware of the area you want to delimit: if, for example it is an entry, there should be space around the rug, leaving room for any furniture that may be there.

In the case of a dining room, the rug should cover the chairs while being separated from the table. And if it is a living room, it should define the seating area: sofa, armchairs… No more, no less.


If you don't have much expertise with decoration, it is best to follow common sense and not become too daring. Look at the color palette of the room and if you still have doubts, with a neutral rug you can't to go wrong. In the worst case you will have a somewhat monotonous decoration, but nothing that cannot be fixed with accessories.

It is important to choose the right texture and material: For example, it would be absurd to place a long-haired rug in a beach house, or a kilim in a kitchen. There must be coherence between the use and the place.


To decide you must take into account the whole of the room: If you are already using prints on walls, curtains or fabrics, it is better to opt for a plain rug so as not to overload the decoration.

If, on the other hand, the decoration is quite homogeneous, you can opt for a pattern as a focal point to enhance. The key is to find balance.


The style will depend to a greater extent on the decoration and your tastes. Oriental, modern, ethnic, plain, abstract rugs, with long or short hair, natural fibers…

Modern or plain rugs go very well with minimalist environments as well as to give an elegant touch; while the ethnic and natural ones give a carefree touch to the "Boho" style.

They are also excellent for use in spaces dedicated to relax, such as a vacation home. And oriental rugs bring a classic and traditional look.


The quality and durability of the rug is determined by the materials from which it is made, and the care and use that we give it. The most ephemeral are those made of natural fibers such as jute or esparto grass, although they are quite resistant to traffic and easy to clean.

Hand-woven wool rugs are the most durable, which is why they have been chosen to decorate interiors for many centuries. Although its price may be higher than that of a machine-made rug, the quality is worth it.


To keep a rug in top condition, it should be vacuumed at least once a week and dry cleaned once a year. That under normal conditions, since if it is about places that have a lot of traffic, the frequency of cleaning should be higher.

There are many options on the market that make our task easier, such as robot vacuum cleaners that have special cleaning brushes and save us time. It is important not to get them wet as this could damage the rug and if liquids spill, dry immediately with an absorbent cloth and use a specific cleaning product.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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