How much does an interior designer cost?

If you sigh seeing the houses in decor magazines and thinking that the services of a decorator or interior designer are very expensive, we have good news: it's is in your budget and also available online.

By Y. Sevillano

Modern living room design by Tharo Design

Probably you never thought about it but far from being an exclusive service, an interior designer helps you save a lot of trouble: doing things on your own is not the same as being guided by a professional who knows the sector and has years of experience dealing with clients, contractors and suppliers.

And who can offer you different alternatives and solutions. Know the market, furniture, materials and trends; and knows how to deal with a project, from considering the client's ideas and needs, to the final installation.


Renovation project for vacation home by Tharo Design


Time is priceless, it is the only thing we can't get back; and there is nothing worse than having lost it in a renovation that ends in disaster.

When an interior designer takes a project into hands, takes care of all the errands that it entails: from looking for furniture and materials to hiring other professionals. And has a network of trusted contacts and suppliers, with whom to ensure that everything goes well and without setbacks.

Holiday home room by Tharo Design


The experience is noticeable when decorating a space. And in general, although the clients may have very good taste and know what they want, they use to buy things separately that, when put together, do not combine with each other. Or in the worst case, don't have the correct measurements or are not suitable for the intended use.

The interior designer in addition to thinking about your needs, will also consider your style, projecting the space as a whole, for harmonious and optimal results. Making it beautiful and functional.

Children's room design with study area by Tharo Design


The idea of offering design and decoration services is to be able to help the clients.

At Tharo, we offer online decorating and renovation plans that suit today's busy, global lifestyle. From €500 our clients have a complete service that ranges from the design of the space, to the delivery of the furniture to their residence with local suppliers in their country.

We also offer personalized advisory from €150, home staging for €200, personal shopper from €500. And attention in person with personalized budgets. Ask us without commitment any questions. (Payments available in Pounds, Dollars and Indian Rupees).

Dining room for a project in Madrid by Tharo Design


Behind each project there is a laborious and studied planning work. It is not just painting, renovating, laying floors or choosing furniture.

It is about knowing who is going to live there, what uses are going to be given to each room, what plans the clients have in the future, choose for them the best options on the market based on their budget, take care that everything goes well and that the project is ready on time... endless things we do for the client so that they do not have to worry about anything and remain satisfied.

Kitchen design by Tharo Design


With Tharo you have the option to decorate and renovate, both a room and the entire house. Our online services section has different rates adapted by square meters, where a larger area has a discount.

In addition, our clients obtain high-quality 3D drawings and visualizations, so they know exactly what the house will look like once the work is done. This also helps guide other professionals such as painters, contractors, or furniture makers.... that participate in the project. Since it is much easier when you have a plan to follow and you don't need to worry about the execution.

Living room decoration project by Tharo Design


Our design fees are closed; unlike other design studios that charge a percentage for each work or item.

This gives the client more freedom and security when contracting our services, allowing them to know how much they will spend on the project.

Baby room by Tharo Design


It is important to know when we need help in order to avoid problems.

If you have a home with a complicated distribution, you have no idea about decoration, you lack time or you want to have your house ready as soon as possible, there is a specific style that you like but you don't know where to start, you want custom made furniture, material suggestions, design a kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, garden... or you would simply like to have an exclusive design made to measure by a design studio.

In any of these situations we can help you create your new space, with a satisfactory result.

Garden design for vacation home project by Tharo Design


Whether you bought a vacation home in another country or are moving there, we can assits you.

The use of 3D technology allows us to work on projects through plans and photographs, maintaining permanent online communication with the client and if necessary, we can always schedule a visit in person. We also have an international network of brands, suppliers and professionals in different countries, with whom we can attend your project wherever you are.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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