How to create a home office

 If you can't bear to continue working at the dining room table, don't despair. We explain how you can create a home office in seven easy steps (and yes, even if you have little space).

By Y. Sevillano

Two years after the start of pandemic, there are many people who continue to work from home and having an area dedicated exclusively to the office is a priority, to maintain our health and order.

Not having a table at a suitable height or a comfortable chair can affect us physically, not to mention the stress of having to use spaces that are intended for other uses such as the kitchen, living room or dining room. Or not having where to store our work material.

Organizing a small home office is very simple, we will help you do it by following these tips and giving you some ideas that you can adapt to your personal situation.



Depending on the space you have available, find a place in your home where you can work comfortably.

If you don't have a room to dedicate exclusively to the office, you can always adapt a desk somewhere.


Having good light is essential to work, it directly affects our mood and our visual health.

Look to place your work area next to a source of natural light, in addition to this, make sure you have adequate artificial lighting for the type of work you are going to do.


If you don't have much space, look for creative solutions. There are furniture and desks that fold or transform, to be stored after use.

You can also use cabinets, shelves or small consoles to create a desk. Make sure they are comfortable, including the chair, since it is where you will spend hours working.


Depending on the type of work you do, you will need more or less storage space.

Modular systems are a great alternative since they can be customized according to needs and even incorporate the desk.

You can also use baskets, shelves, drawers or small trays to keep everything in order.


A pleasant workspace will undoubtedly make us more productive.

Decorate your work area with things that inspire you: you can use paintings, photographs, wallpaper, art and even objects that you find beautiful. You can also add scented candles and essences.

You will find that you feel better and with more encouragement when it comes to work.


At home we can also share a work space with other members of our family: it has the added benefit of fostering communication and connectivity.

Long tables are comfortable and very useful to add additional seats, in case you have children who receive classmates or you need to hold a work meeting.


Plants improve air quality and our mood and placing them in your work area can also increase your productivity.

There are numerous studies that demonstrate its benefits in this regard. Whether you put a large pot next to the desk or a small plant next to the computer, you will notice the change.

By Y. Sevillano

Founder of the Tharo Design brand. Y. Sevillano studied architecture at university and is dedicated to interior design and the world of home decor.


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